The Most Deflationary Currency on the Planet

The Dragon token is an extremely hyper-deflationary currency that is built to become more scarce with each transaction that takes place within the Dragon economy

Contract Address: 0x30b63938B072E0fC341Ae48EBCB1cF7b8F8CaA34


Let it Burn!

The concept is simple...

Start with a large supply to give the community a chance to participate and secure their positions. Then let the insanely deflationary Tokenomics do its part in making the token supply more and more scarce. Holders get rewarded for simply doing just that! Holding!

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Radically different approach to DeFi Tokenomics incorporating our TrueBurnTM methodology

35% Burn on Launch

1,000,000 Supply

100% Max Wallet Size

5% Burn

(5% All To 0x000...dEaD)

100% Liquidity Lock

0% DEV

Infinite BURN


We have a targeted roadmap designed to achieve our goal of serving as the world's most deflationary token

Launch Phase
Pre-Launch Marketing
35% Burn on Launch
Launch 12/08
BSCscan Verification
NFT Bundle Package
Dextools Profile Verification
CoinMarketCap Listing
Certik Fast Track Submission
1,000 Holder Target
$5m Stable Market Cap Target
Phase 1:
Dragon NFT Staking
Hotbit Listing
Bitmart Listing
Lbank Listing Listing Listing
2,500 Holder Target
$20m Stable Market Cap Target

*Phase 2 and 3 to be announced




coming soon

How it works

The taxes included in the Dragon token group are directly directed to the death address. These wallets accumulate funds through transaction taxes (buy/sell). The purchased tokens are directly sent to the designated dead address. These incineration can be carried out automatically at any time, with the aim of deploying accumulated funds at strategic moments.


The DragonCard NFT is an exclusive non-fungible token in which the primary utility is to be burned at the discretion of the NFT owner. Once burned, the NFT is incinerated and removed from the blockchain, revealing a set number of Dragon tokens that are automatically deposited into the same wallet that held your NFT. There are a total of 128 DragonCards that will be made available to the public. A single DragonCard NFT will be listed for 3 BNB.

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Core Developers

how to buy

Contract Address: 0x30b63938B072E0fC341Ae48EBCB1cF7b8F8CaA34


Download Metamask

From The App Store or Google Play Store, for free. Or add the desktop browser extension on Google Chrome by going to

Follow their easy steps from their guide to setup a wallet.

When Metamask asks for your signature go ahead and click sign.


Send BNB to Metamask

You can buy BNB directly through Metamask or you can transfer some from another wallet or crypto exchange. You can follow tutorials on Youtube if you get stuck on this step.


Connect to pancakeswap

Go to via your desktop browser or use your Metamask mobile wallet by tapping the three lines at the top left of your screen to reveal your browser.

When Metamask asks for your signature go ahead and click sign.


Swap your BNB for Dragon

Go to via desktop browser or inside your Metamask wallet. Or click here.

Click the cog button and change the “Slippage" amount to 15-18%. Add your desired BNB amount you’d like to swap, once you’re happy click the “Swap” button to finalize the purchase.

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